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Now Hiring
Kitchen Staff 
For more information and to schedule an interview please contact the Hiring Manager, Michelle Weimer, at 678-380-4656 or alwaysfreshcatering@gmail.com

Kitchen Staff Position
We are seeking a Kitchen Staff member to join our dedicated staff! You will assist in the preparation, cooking, presentation and cleaning of meals.
Ideal Availability Needed:
Monday - Friday 9am-3pm
Saturdays 7am-4pm
Sundays 8am-4pm

  • Prepare all served food
  • Plan food production to coordinate with meal serving hours
  • Memorize, record and comprehend menu items, abbreviations, plate appearance and portions
  • Follow standard recipes and special diet orders
  • Operate standard kitchen equipment safely and efficiently
  • Adhere to all sanitation and food production codes
  • Clean and maintain kitchen equipment, utensils and appliances
  • Previous experience in cooking, culinary arts or other related fields is ideal but not necessary
  • Strong attention to detail
  • Ability to thrive in a fast-paced environment
  • Ability to work well in teams

Happy Valentine’s Day!
 We will be serving our 
Valentine’s dinner menu only from 5:00PM – 8:00PM Wednesday February 14th. 
Reservations recommended however walkins are welcome and we ask for you to preselect your entrée. 
To make a reservation please call 678-380-4656.

Valentine’s Dinner Menu Selection
Please choose one salad, entrée and dessert selection.

Salad Selections
Traditional Caesar Salad
A bed of romaine lettuce topped with croutons and shredded parmesan cheese with our 

House Salad
A bed of romaine lettuce sprinkled with our vine ripe tomatoes, cucumbers and sweet onions 

Entrée Selections
Southern Shrimp and Grits 
A low country favorite of sautéed shrimp and smoked sausage served over
 sharp cheddar stone ground grits.

Prime Rib 
A generous cut of prime rib seasoned to perfection and served along side sautéed mushrooms 

Tuscan Braised Chicken 
A slow braised chicken thigh served with a tomato, garlic, shallot and white wine sauce over rice. 

Dessert Selections
Triple Chocolate Cake
A slice of our decadent chocolate cake with chocolate frosting and chocolate morsels. 
This is a chocolate lovers dream.

Blackberry Cobbler
Our homemade blackberry cobbler topped with scratch made sweet bread served 
with a scoop of vanilla ice cream.

On Valentine’s Day we will stop serving our normal menu 
selection at 3:00pm and start serving our Valentine’s meal at 5:00pm. 
We are sorry for any inconvenience this might cause.